MANTICORA - neue Tourdaten!!!

Due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic, the Danish metal-pioneers, Manticora, had to postpone their European tour, which was to take place in May/June 2021, but the venues and agents have acted fast and more or less re-booked the entire tour, which has now been scheduled for May/June 2022.

The re-scheduled tour for May/June 2022 is as follows:
12.05: Bambi Galore, Hamburg, Germany
13.05: Hads Herred Rock festival, Gylling, Denmark
20.05: Turock, Essen, Germany
21.05: Podium Duycker, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands
22.05: Hedon, Zwolle, The Netherlands
24.05: South Of Heaven, Bilzen, Belgium
25.05: La Boule Noire, Paris, France
26.05: Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland
27.05: Secret Place, Montpellier, France
28.05: Rock 'n Eat, Lyon, France 
29.05: 7'er Club, Mannheim, Germany
31.05: Backstage, Munich, Germany
03.06: Escape Metal Corner, Vienna, Austria
...with 4 more dates to be added!

Statement about the tour by Kristian Larsen (guitars):
With the World, shutting down to an extend where culture have had to take serious blows, it sadly came as no surprise that we - as so many others - also had to postpone our European tour from 2021 to 2022. We have decided to take a step back, re-work our entire outfit and come back even stronger on the other side of this crazy pandemic, so the fans who have patiently waited another year for this tour to happen will get an even more optimized show from us.
We can't wait to present this new and improved version of the band and the fans better prepare to get Manticorized!

Untraditionally - as is always the case with Manticora - the tour is presented by none less than 13 webzines, in stead of one large sponsor, trying out a new business-method that could work for independent bands for the future.

The webzines are:

Lords Of Metal
The Metal Mag
The Black Planet Zine
Metal Temple
Crossfire Metal
Dutch Metal Maniac
Rock Area
Progressive Waves
Twilight Magazine

Check out the band's latest video from last year's amazing album here and visit Manticora's SoMe pages for information about events, tickets and further dates/news....and SPREAD THE NEWS!

Video link:

MANTICORA have released 9 critically acclaimed albums, since 1999, and toured numerous times around Europe, North America and Japan + played at prestigious festivals, such as Wacken Open Air, Sweden Rock Festival, Copenhell, Karmøygeddon, ProgPower USA, etc.

Kristian Larsen - guitars
Lars F. Larsen - vocals
Stefan Johansson - guitars
Kasper Gram - bass
Lawrence Dinamarca - drums

Roots Of Eternity (1999)
Darkness With Tales To Tell (2001)
Hyperion (2002)
8 Deadly Sins (2004)
The Black Circus - part 1 (2006)
The Black Circus - part 2 (2007)
Safe (2010)
To Kill To Live To Kill (2018)
To Live To Kill To Live (2020)

To Kill To Live To Kill (2018)

Manticora Live:
21.05.2021: DK - Sønderborghus, Sønderborg
12.06.2021: PL - Progresja, Warsaw
27.08.2021: DK - Næstved Metalfestival, Næstved
03.09.2021: DK - Gimle, Roskilde

12.05.2022: DE - Bambi Galore, Hamburg
13.05.2022: DK - Hads Herred Rockfest, Gylling
20.05.2022: DE - Turock, Essen
21.05.2022: NL - Podium Duycker, Hoofddorp
22.05.2022: NL - Hedon, Zwolle
24.05.2022: BR - South Of Heaven, Bilzen
25.05.2022: FR - La Boule Noire, Paris
26.05.2022: CH - Z7, Pratteln
27.05.2022: FR - Secret Place, Montpellier
28.05.2022: FR - Rock 'n Eat, Lyon
29.05.2022: DE - 7er Club, Mannheim
31.05.2022: DE - Backstage, Munich
03.06.2022: AT - Escape Metal Corner, Vienna
...much more to come...

Manticora online:

Video link:
"Katana - Death Of The Meaning Of Life" (2020 semi-lyrical video from the album "To Live To Kill To Live")

"Eaten By the Beasts" (2020 video from the album "To Live To Kill To Live")

"Echoes Of A Silent Scream" (2018 video from the album "To Kill To Live To Kill")


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